Silver Steel Plate

Drilling Machines

BBR Drilling machines are developed to achieve a fast and accurate drilling out of holes in a great variety of materials. The target and servomotors systems will guarantee an extremely fast and precise movement and an extremely accurate and clean finish of the piece drilled out. 

Drilling machines are usually used on thicker materials. The driller is easier to find and cheaper compared to the punching module set. 

BBR has two drilling machine models, the DR-2004 and DR-2010-ALE.


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Silver Steel Plate
BBR DR-2004 Auto Drilling Machine

DR-2004 uses Japan high-quality air drill spindle, there are two specifications to choose from, speed 30,000 or 60,000 per minute.

The transparent holding enable users to check the materials.

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Drilling Machine


BBR DR-2010-ALE-Metal PCB Drilling Machine

DR-2010-ALE uses Japanese NAKANISHI electric spindle, which can adjust the speed without interruption. In addition, the spindle torque, load and overheating can be automatically detected.


The double holding to ensure the stability during the drilling process.

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Metal PCB

Drilling Machine