DR-2010-ALE Specification


Metal PCB
Drilling Machine


  1. T5 or T6 Aluminium plate can be drilled easily, leaving smooth hole edges. 

  2. Automatic target search with fast lock-down and high precision

  3. High resolution servo motor control system with precise slide rails for a fast and accurate movement

  4. Japan NAKANISHI precision brushless spindle with adjustable speed range from 0 to 60000 rpm, and over-heating detector

  5. Special double holding ensures stability of the materials  

  6. Anti-scratch polished hard chromium tabletop

  7. Coaxial light and up and down LEDs able to recognise materials and target types

  8. Automatic cleaning system

  9. User-friendly interface

Suitable Materials:​

Aluminium (T5 or T6)

Copper (1mm)

Inner Layer 


Black/Brown Negative Films 

Flexible PCB

Membrane Overlay

Multi-Layered Boards


This machine is suitable but not limited to these materials. Please contact us for further information regarding any other kind of material that can be used with this machine.