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Computer Circuit Board Macro


With 30+ years of expertise and experience,

Bill Ben Company is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing expert in FPCB industry.


Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of products and services to both distributors and customers. Unlike most of competitors who produce a set model of punching machine or drilling machine, we take our customer's special needs into consideration -



You are buying more

than a machine but

the value that

perfectly matches your needs!

In this rapidly changing industry, we have realised the importance of continually updating our approaches to stay in the leading position in the filed of Vision Guidance and Precision Automation used in the FPCB market. Mr. Wen-Bing, Hsu devotes himself to continuous R&D, finding the best and steady solutions. Therefore, we move a step forward to introduce "Robotic Arms" to broaden our existing repertoire. 

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