DR-2004 Specifications

DR 2004

Target Precision Drilling Machine


  1. Automatic target search with fast lock-down and high precision

  2. Servo motor control system for fast and accurate movement

  3. Extremely fast punching action. Air compressor spindle with a speed of 30000 or 60000 rpm

  4. Transparent holding plate for clear positioning of materials

  5. Strong steel worktable for lasting usage

  6. High-illumination lamp ensures target is bright for viewing

  7. Reliable German pneumatic system with minimal maintenance

  8. Air tank to keep spindle speed & avoid mist 

  9. Durable quality punch tool

  10. User-friendly interface

Suitable Materials:​

Inner Layer 


Black/Brown Negative Films 

Flexible PCB

Membrane Overlay

Multi-Layered Boards


This machine is suitable but not limited to these materials. Please contact us for further information regarding any other kind of material that can be used with this machine.