PM-2011 specifications


Target Precision Punching Machine


  1. Automatic target search with fast lock-down and high precision

  2. Servo motor control system for rapid and accurate movement

  3. Extremely fast punching action

  4. Inner-outer holding plate can make sure of quality punched hole, not bump deformation.

  5. Strong steel operation tabletop for lasting usage

  6. Top, bottom and side light can distinguish target of all materials.

  7. Quality punch tool that is inexpensive and durable

  8. User-friendly control interface

  9. Reliable German pneumatic system with minimal maintenance

  10. Low radiation colour TFT LCD monitor causes less eye strain

Suitable Materials:​

Aluminium (3mm)




Stainless Steel (0.6mm)

Membrane Overlay



This machine is suitable but not limited to these materials. Please contact us for further information regarding any other kind of material that can be used with this machine.