SCARA spec.png



High Accuracy and Performance


  1. Joints 1,2 and 3 to rotate 360 degrees. 

  2. Servo motor control system for rapid and accurate movement.

  3. With its arms having a 700mm length and its thin design, BBR WS robotic arms allow working in combination with other machines.

  4. BBR SCARA series WS introduces an innovative Industrial Personal Computer with a simple system that allows easy use and reduces consumption.

  5. A harmonic reducer of the best quality provides a highly accurate repetition movement.

  6. Quick and accurate path compilation, easy and convenient to produce production batch number itineraries.

  7. Unique deep learning, anyone can get started.

  8. With Change Coupled Device (CCD), any movement of the BBR SCARA series WS is easily converted to digital values providing a precise alignment to the robotic arm.